i feel gross now i should know better. just agree when you don’t; don’t approach anyone with anything


why do i not just die like. wtf… if i dont agree with someone about something im usualyl inthe wrong and if i go to one person about it they’re going to tell me im wrong and another person agrees with me but doesn want to hear about it so . why am i always.. alone

want 2 vomit and then delete my blog and then maybe die

i want to erase you from my life. i want to run away from home

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Things ive heard at grandparents house: sandn****rs, n-word, queers, in reference to “queers”: ‘they just disgust me’

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lol im so shitty i cant even like… fix ppls problems anymore LIKE THATS NOT… its NOT my problem… it shouldbt be my problem to fic their problems but im sooo i used to be so good at listening and tring to help ppl and lately im just like?? only halfway good at listening i cant offer aything ifeel like ASS

why dont i apply myself why am i such a fucking failure whats the point i hate this i FUCKING hate school but im stuck here its the only way to get anywhere and why cant i really love something thats viable what the fuck is wrong with me why cant i just be better why was i made this way i should be organized and good at science not good at english and not able to fucking apply myself fuck all of this